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'Holy Now' - debut single 'Wake Up'

After featuring Panda Panda yesterday, we’re delighted to add just a few words about another new Nordic band with a strong debut single, this time from Sweden. ‘Holy Now’ are based in Gothenburg, and their debut single ‘Wake Up’ has been released today, 1st April, through Lazy Octopus Records.

I really like this track, the vocals are really individual, and its backed up by a great guitar sound, there’s nothing over complicated about the set up, but the sound is distinct and interesting. There are the obvious comparisons to bands such as Alvvays, but they clearly draw on influences from across the Indie spectrum, and the end result is really likeable and very effective.

Anyway not much more to say about them right now, other than their debut EP will be out sometime in May through Lazy Octopus, and we’ll let you know when it comes out!

For more details on some good bands (The Echo Field for example are worth checking out...) and live shows from Lazy Octopus Records visit:

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