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  • Signe Kerge

New Band - Introducing 'Great News', and a UK gig....

Following on from our recent features on new bands that have yet to release a debut album, we're pleased to introduce you to Great News from Bergen, Norway. Their debut album may not be due until Autumn 2016, but the tracks they've shared so far show that they're definitely worth a shot.

Composed of Even Kjelby (guitar, vocals), Ole Einarsen (bass) and Lars Platou (drums), they start strongly with the single ’The Blind’, giving out a definite indie feel, adding a lot to your everyday pop/rock.

I personally prefer the second single, titled ’Love Her’ even more, since it seems to give out the feeling and wavelength of the band’s new tracks more clearly. It is catchy but not in a typical way; both music and song can be enjoyed as much separately as they can be together. It leaves you with positivity despite melancholy in lyrics and there is nothing else to do than to crave for more.

They released their first music video for the newest track ’Secrets’ on 30th of March 2016, which compliments the band’s personality and while being interesting to watch, still lets you enjoy the song and hazy style it is in it’s essence.

This will surely not be the last video, since there is so much potential and engaging ideas to capture.

Great News are having a concert in UK, London, on 8th of April. And they'll be performing alongside one of our other favourite new Norwegian bands, Slutface. For more information, visit

For more information about the band, you can find them on

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