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Anette Askvik - London gig 13th April, new album due...

At the end of last year we wrote about Norwegian singer songwriter Anette Askvik, who had released a new single 'Supernova', along with a video to go with it, which we really liked. We mentioned that she had played a gig previously at one of our favourite London venues, the Bedford in Balham, London, and the good news is that she is back at the Bedford THIS WEDNESDAY, that's the 13th April.

it is the 1st of 5 dates over the next month coinciding with the release of her new album 'Multiverse' (which i believe is due April 15th in Scandanavia), as she also plays 4 gigs at home in Norway.

At the start of the year she also released a new single called 'Don't You Wish', which we didn't cover at the time as we can't cover everything, but you can listen to that below.

Music nights at the Bedford in Balham are normally really good, so please try and go if you're based in London - sadly it's too far for us Manchester based crowd. If you're based in Scandanavia then her album is released at the end of the week, although us UK people will have to wait until Autumn.

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