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Major Parkinson - 'Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes' new track and video...

Everyone who reads Nordic Music Review will know that our appreciation of Major Parkinson is almost unrivalled, but since we started there hasn't technically been any new Major Parkinson material released for us to write about at all. Last years 'Live at Ricks' release was most welcome obviously, but to actually get new material is utterly splendid indeed.

'Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes' is a one off digital release, and comes off the back of the crowdfunding campaign for 'Twilight Cinema' where one supporter generously, and brilliantly paid for a 'commission' of sorts, and the result is this extraordinarily dark and slightly curious track based on E.T.A Hoffmans short story 'The Sandman', where a man falls in love with a mechanical doll. The story is well worth checking out, as is Hoffmans life story....

We always expect the unexpected from Major Parkinson, and this has been written as a 2 minute 15 second blast of punk, but in a style which could only be delivered by them. This will be utterly riotous live, and those in Norway hopefully will be lucky enough to see it for themselves as the band make their comeback at Hulen in Bergen on April 30th.

Meanwhile the video itself is brilliant - dark, manic, mysterious and slightly terrifying - here it is:

With the band also recently announcing a new expanded line-up we remain, as always, in eager anticipation of further Major Parkinson news....


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