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The Glorias - new video 'Hunted'

Back to Sweden now, and another band we've not featured until now, 'The Glorias', who return with a new single and video entitled 'Hunted'. The band had a great reception to their 2013 album 'Reaching for Eternity' and supported some great bands such as Glasvegas when they toured Scandanavia, but the new track shows how the bands material has evolved.

Their new track is more synth pop driven, the vocals are haunting and the track explodes into a deliciously addictive chorus that is hard to forget. The band, comprised of Signe Lindahl, Emma Larsson and Jill Holmgren have an edge to them that makes them distinctive, and we'll look forward to future releases.

Here's the video to 'Hunted'

And find out more about 'The Glorias' here:

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