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'The Holy' - new single 'This Will Be The Day That I Die'

One evening about a year ago we were being unusually thorough in our quest for new Finnish bands and found ourselves searching through Helsinki gig listings to try and find something interesting and original sounding to write about. And incredibly we dropped upon 'Holy Roman, who by chance also had a demo video out called Ahtari, and it was stunningly good. Really stunningly good. And everyone else who commented on the feature and our Twitter ramblings about 'Holy Roman' agreed.... this was special...

Anyway one year on and things have moved on for the band, now called very simply 'The Holy'. And they have a record company too, the excellent Soliti home to artists such as Black Lizard, 23:23 and also Black Twig, another band with an excellent new album that we must get around to writing about...

Interestingly there has been shift in The Holy's sound since their original demo, as often happens with fledgling bands, and this is demonstrated in their new track entitled 'This Will Be The Day That I Die', which is a huge sweeping track that pulls influences from across rock genres to create something fresh and original sounding - or 'Heartland' music as they describe it themselves. I really love the video that accompanies the track too, and here it is - directed by Juho Länsiharju.

With 2 drummers and an interesting approach to songwriting, I'm now fascinated by what future releases will sound like for 'The Holy', and we promise to keep you informed of their next moves....

For further details visit them at:

The Holy promo pic is by ANNUKKA PAKARINEN

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