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New Band - 'Baula', and single 'Don't Bother'

We have loads of new music to cover before we head off on vacation, so lots of short features coming up and where better than to start with a new band to Nordic Music Review - the really laid back, sophisticated sounds of 'Baula'. The Swedish / Icelandic band are based in Sweden, and are made up of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg, and whilst it might only be 2 minutes 39 song long, I really love the new single 'Don't Bother'.

At the heart of the track is a well written and classy piano, but we're offered haunting vocals and the most gorgeous trumpet solos shimmering in the background. For a track to work so well with just Piano, Vocals, Trumpet and Bass shows that Baula have something really interesting about them, and 'Don't Bother' feels like just a glimpse into their world.

After 11 off venue appearances at Iceland Airwaves last year, hopefully Baula are starting to gain some attention, and I'm really looking forward to hearing more material.

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