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Rodeo - 'Dust Bowl'

Whilst we sun ourselves in foreign lands, we thought we'd still drop in a very quick mention of an intriguing release which comes out, hopefully today 24th May by Danish band 'Rodeo'. Containing band members previously in outfits such as 'Western Skies Motel', 'Naked', 'Twinkle', and 'Biff Baxter Band', Rodeo go where no band i think have gone before - psychedelic spaghetti western style music, which is entirely instrumental.

Now there hasn't been time for a full review, but the material we've heard so far is interesting - and paints really vivid pictures of a forgotten land, windswept, forlorn and at times fairly eerie. I think it works well.

Anyway..... you can find out more in the following places. The album can be purchased here:

And more details on Rodeo can be found here:

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