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IwishIwasAdinosaur - 'Six Mistakes' single

We’re back from our holidays, and we have so much new music to cover, as well as bit of a Nordic Music Review makeover and upgrade. We have some great new albums to review, some old ones to catch up on, interviews and some new band features.

Anyway to start us off, here’s a band we haven’t featured before, ‘IwishIwasAdinosaur’ which is really the solo side project from Andreas Reiten Westhagen. In another world he’s also involved in Twin Pines Mall, Carnival Kids and another band we’re about to write a few words about – ‘The Hallway’.

The debut EP from ‘IwishiwasAdinosaur’ was released back in 2013, brilliantly (and charmingly…) entitled ‘We Put Liquid Paper On A Bee And It Died’, and he has now released a new track called 'Six Mistakes', which we feel is worthy of your attention. Its 2 minutes 39 of Power Pop, a great big tune and he plays guitar, drums and sings everything on the track himself. Definitely worth adding to your latest new music playlist.

Take a listen here, it's great fun…

We’ll be writing a few words on ‘The Hallway’ soon enough, in the meantime follow ‘IwishIwasAdinosaur’ on Facebook.

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