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Oxen - debut EP 'Oxen'!

Staying in Sweden, here’s another really great new band with a really genuinely impressive debut EP, which I liked within seconds of hearing the first track. They’re called ‘Oxen’, and their debut singles have seen some impressive streaming numbers whilst a fair few good music blogs have already picked up on them too, which shows they are consistently hitting the mark with a lot of people.

The trio have released their self-titled EP in the last 2 weeks, and it contains 4 tracks all of a good quality. The sound is of a fairly traditional Indie Guitar band, with some healthy 90s influences, but they sound fresh, with a natural vitality and the strength quite simply is in the songwriting and the excellent distinct vocals from Erik Hases.

For a trio they make a phenomenal sound, the stand out track is ‘Luck’ which is blindingly good and has a great opening, whilst the first track on the EP ‘Only Forever’ is equally strong - but each track feels like a complete song, with an unrelenting energy and all with big tuneful choruses.

Anyway I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about ‘Oxen’, so we look forward in particular to see if they get any good festival type booking for over the summer and to hear what their forthcoming plans are.

They have a nice website and Facebook page, go check them out:

Oxen photo by Fredrik Karlsson

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