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The Hallway - new single 'Air / Closer'

We've found on many occasions how writing about one band links to another, or that when we feature an artist we get contacted by musicians in other similar bands - which we really welcome. Anyway it was through writing about iwishIWasaDInosaur that we came across The Hallway - or it may have been the other way around. Either way, we're delighted to be able to feature both in Nordic Music Review, and it's The Hallway that we're telling you about today with a rather splendid single called ‘Air / Closer

The Hallway (featuring members of 'Carnival Kids’, former members of ‘Team Me’ and more...) write great upbeat indie power pop tunes and it will be particularly good news for those still lamenting the split of ‘Team Me’ as a full band. The new single ‘Air / Closer’ is probably my most listened to track on my playlist since I first heard it last week, it's wonderfully buoyant with huge soaring melodies and instrumentation, which throws in glockenspiels, strings.... and it's really well put together.

Anyway take a listen, hopefully you’ll like it too...

And just for completeness, they also released a video sometime back in April, its called 'Stay and Grow Old', take a look at that here:

The Hallway have already issued a release in Japan which is interesting, which looks like it has 6 tracks on it, and we believe that might well get a European release over the summer. Their debut live performance is scheduled to be at the Slottsfjell festival also over the summer, but I’m sure more live shows will get added sometime soon.

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