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Mia Renwell – 'Full Circle Rainbow’ single: Helsinki Pride theme song for 2016!

Mia Renwell has released a really upbeat positive electro pop track called 'Full Circle Rainbow' which carries the message about our unlocked potential in life, and it’s a great official theme song for the ‘Helsinki Pride’ event 2016. We’re delighted to be able to give it a mention.

Those in the UK may not have come across Mia Renwell previously, but the Finnish singer has been a member of the popular long established Capella / performing arts group FORK, and she is now on the cusp of releasing her second solo album, which ‘Full Circle Rainbow’ will feature on. You can find out more about Mia by visiting the links at the bottom of the page:

I like the message in this track with the lyrics ‘In the darkness, through the chaos, we can still choose to shine', it has a big tune and a powerful video that starts in black and white, and explodes into colour. I think the video works well, take a look here:

For more details on Helsinki Pride 2016 visit their webpage at, the event takes place between June 27th and July 3rd.

And for more details on Mia Renwell and her new album, find her on Facebook and Soundcloud at:

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