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'Tapewind' - debut single and video 'Late At Night'

We feature a lot of promising up and coming Nordic bands on this site, but every now and then we think we drop on one that is likely to make a particularly big impression. 'Tapewind' are a genuinely 'new' band, the Norwegian trio may have been playing together for a year, but their debut track 'Late At Night' has sprung up in just the last week or so. And it's a really strong debut.

Similarly to some of the other new bands we've really liked, 'Tapewind' have band members influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, and their diversity in musical influences reminds me of someone like CeaseTone, - even if the musical output is somewhat different. The fact that i will make no attempt to try and pigeonhole them in a genre is a good thing, you just need to listen to them yourself.... but I'm hoping like me you'll hear a track that builds in intensity and richness of sound, that has a lovely vocal melody to open and ends with a forceful post rock blast of fuzzy noise.

Here's the video, which i genuinely love too - it portrays a man struggling to cope with the monotony of day to day life, and who takes refuge from it by dreams of 'finding transcendental oneness in the wild'. It makes sense if you watch it - it's directed and produced by Marius Dahl.

The more i listen to this track, the more i start to enjoy and appreciate some of the subtleties of the instrumentation and individual sounds. I love the big contrasts of 'light' and 'dark', and i hope we hear more of that in the future. I also want my own slightly sorrowful looking brown paper bag that i can wear at work when the mood takes me...

Anyway. we're delighted to introduce you to Tapewind, and you can find them on Facebook or Soundcloud at the locations below:

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