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New Band: Asmodean, with single 'Bound to Fail'

We’re particularly delighted to bring Norwegian band ‘Asmodean’ to your attention as we like their debut track ‘Bound to Fail’, and because the band is (at least currently) UK based in Liverpool, whilst its members study at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts – home to a whole stream of great Norwegian talent featured on this website previously. Among Asmodean's band members is Nils Martin, who we particularly like not just because he supported Sara Forslund at the Nordic Music Review gig last October, but also because he told us at that gig that he likes Major Parkinson….

Asmodean’ play a heavier blend of rock than we’ve recently featured, but I really like their debut releases ‘Bound to Fail’, its just a really well written track, with brutally intense guitars layered on top of each other, and really convincing and distinct vocals courtesy of Sondre Johansen. They have 2 tracks on streaming services, the most obviously attractive is ‘Bound to Fail’, but I prefer the second track ‘Wrong Kind of Lie’ simply because of the brilliant intricacy and complexity of the guitar lines , and a great switch to subtlety ¾ of the way through the track – and as regular readers will know, I like bands who are able to combine different shades of darkness and light.

So the band are currently recording more material, which sounds promising, and they played at Good Omens back in Trondheim on Saturday night, so they’re obviously intent on getting some live performances in too. We’ll definitely keep you updated on future progress of the band, in the meantime check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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