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Slaughter Beach - single 'Glaze'

We've mentioned Slaughter Beach a few times on Twitter, but i don't think we've ever formally mentioned them on this website, so here's a quick belated update on their latest release. The Danish trio first came to our attention last year with an excellent EP entitled 'Love/Venice' and a UK gig, and their latest track 'Glaze' has resulted in some high praise from various music publications and even some airplay on Radio 1.

New single 'Glaze' has been on our playlists for a few weeks now, and it's a glistening dream pop track with laid back vocals and intertwined guitar hooks which are perfect for the hazy summer nights - at least for those of you who are getting glimpses of summer...

Anyway big things are expected of Slaughter Beach, so if you haven't already done so, have a listen on Soundcloud and we definitely recommend 'Glaze' for your latest music playlists.

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