• Andy Wors

Pastiche - 'It Feels Like' EP

We love getting submissions sent directly through to us, so much good music has reached us that way over the last 2 years, whether it's been The Stillwalkers or Giant Giant, and we do listen to everything that's sent. Among the latest batch of emails was a debut EP by Danish band 'Pastiche', and whilst the music hasn't reached the immediate dizzy brilliance of either of those Finnish bands, 'It Feels Like' is a really likeable and well written debut which we're delighted to feature.

'Pastiche' are another product of an excellent Aarhus music scene, and have a classic 4 piece band set up. The opening track of 'It Feels Like' is 'Old Bones', and it has a vitality and dynamism with tight, intricate guitar work and actually the more I listen to it, the more I've enjoyed the way the guitars and bass in particular play off each other. This is then emphasised in the following track 'Sketches', which has a great groovy bass line which is given prominence, and this sounds like 4 real musicians who play really naturally and well together, from vocals through to drums. I don't think 'False Memories' has such a strong opening as the first 2 tracks, but it builds to a big chorus and the purely instrumental sections in particular at the end of the track work well.

This is 'Old Bones', its well worth adding to your music playlists, i think you'll get to enjoy it:

Pastiche are a band that I would expect sound particularly good live, so if you're one of our Danish readers, I hope you'll get chance to see them for yourself sometime this year, and if you follow us on Twitter we'll try and tell you about their next gigs.