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Star of Heaven - 'Vinter 2015'

We gave 'Star of Heaven' a couple of mentions on Twitter a couple of months back, but we never actually featured them on the website, so we'll correct that right now. They're an instrumental Post Rock band from Sweden, but actually their music is very different from the majority of post rock bands out there right now, as their music is based on subtle, melodic and atmospheric writing. Their album 'Vinter 2015' was released at the beginning of the year, and it's 7 tracks, with most tracks being between 5 and 7 minutes long.

The strength of this album is quite simply in its musicality, right with the beginning of 'Track 1' (there are no titles) we're offered a melodic tune played out by piano, and accompanied by completely understated guitars and drum beats. There are no attempts to throw everything into the 'pot', each instrument is used with thought and with restraint. The original theme is built on with variations, and the controlled way that everything is put together gives it the atmosphere and ambience, as well as probably some originality - most 5 piece Post Rock bands with 2 guitars just turn everything up really loud, 'Star of Heaven' make little attempt to do so.

The best thing to do is to just track 'Star of Heaven' down and give their music a go, it certainly won't appeal to everyone, but for me with a background of progressive, classical and rock influences on my life, this has an appeal. 'Track 2' really stands out for me as i like the way the musical theme is introduced so gently and then developed, whilst 'Track 6' is a more obvious favourite because it is more expansive, opening with the familiar subtle musical theme but then utilising the guitars and drums bigger sounds - and they do this really effectively.

'Star of Heaven' have already been writing their new album, and will record it in the Autumn with the interesting addition of a violinist, and will then play in Stockholm on 19th September. I'm sure details of the gig will appear on their Facebook page There are a few places to listen to them, you can try them on Soundcloud and Spotify, and then if you really like it you can buy it on Bandcamp.

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