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Introducing... 'Sofa Pets'

No album reviews for the next week whilst we take a summer vacation, so instead we'll try and do a short introduction on some days to a band we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, and we'll start that ball rolling with 'Sofa Pets',

Sofa Pets are from Helsinki, and we've spotted their name a few times on Gig listings, because they played a gig with the brilliant '23:23', and they also had a gig with 'Love Sport' and another Finnish band we must write about one day, 'Merries'. They released their self titled debut EP early last year, and its quirky Indie Pop, with slightly jangly guitars, and it's simply really good and upbeat music to listen to.

More recently they released 'Let Me Be Your Man', and there's a video by Onni Nieminen - who keeps cropping up on our website as he plays in Black Lizard & 23:23 and does a lot of artwork and video direction for those bands too.

Anyway although it wasn't on 'Sofa Pets' Facebook page when we last checked, 'Merries' website suggest they're doing a gig with Sofa Pets and Love Sport in Oulu on 23rd September, and I'm sure they wouldn't make it up, so that will be a great gig if you're one of our Finnish based readers. Sofa Pets are also recording an album, so that's something else to look forward to going forward.

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