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'Shy Shy Shy' - quirky Indie Pop from Denmark

After featuring Masasolo, who played recently at the Roskilde Festival, we're delighted to also point you in the direction of Copenhagen based 'Shy Shy Shy', who quite simply write upbeat Indie Pop music with quirky catchy melodies. We've really enjoyed listening to them over the last week.

'Shy Shy Shy' is based around the duo of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard, although other musicians join them for live performances, The band were formed 2 years ago, and it's mainly this year that they've made a real impression, performing at Spot Festival, as well as Roskilde and even at the Xpo North festival in Inverness. Their debut EP was released last year, and it contains 5 tracks, and it has plenty of highlights including the high tempo 'Drive' and 'Do Not Ask'. When I first listened to 'Shy Shy Shy' I had about 20 tracks from a Nordic bands I didn't know, and hours later I still had their track 'Do Not Ask' in my head after just one or two listens - it's instantly likeable.

Anyway there's clearly a real 'buzz' around this band right now, with some great reviews from their live performances, and they have a further festival appearance coming up in August when they appear at the MS Dockville Festival in Germany. Hopefully flagging their successes on here will help encourage someone to book them to play back over here in the UK, as i think they would go down really well.

Photographer - Aleksandar Kovacevic.

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