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Mumrunner - new single 'Sputnik' ahead of September EP

We wrote about Mumrunner last year when they released 'Full Blossom', and it's great to know that they're back with a new single ahead of an EP launch in September. We'll try and review that EP (which will be called 'Gentle Slopes') when it comes out, but in the meantime you can listen to the single 'Sputnik' and get it straight on to your latest playlists, because it such an instantly likeable track, dreamy shoegaze but written with great purpose and tempo.

With the band hailing from Kaleva in Finland, the track 'Sputnik' considers the feelings of discovery and exploration when moving to their district in Tampere. Listen to it here:

'Gentle Slopes' will be released via Soliti on the 9th September, but you can pre-order the EP now through Wolves & Vibrancy Records, who are listed below.

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