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New Artist - 'LKA' and single 'Wildfire'

We get quite a few submissions from new electro pop artists, and haven't featured too many, but Finnish born artist 'LKA' has made an impression with her second single 'Wildfire', a follow up to her debut 'Turbulence', which was released in May.

Born in Finland and raised in Japan, 'LKA' is part of a songwriting duo 'Sky and Fey Productions', who write for numerous artists, and this becomes apparent in a slickly written song. However more than anything it's the strength of the vocals from 'LKA' which stand out, her voice is pure and also powerful when it needs to be.

Take a listen to 'Wildfire' here:

'LKA' is an interesting artist who prides herself in being involved in every aspect of her musical production, from songwriting to being involved in the cover art design. It is probably the most 'centre ground' electro pop track we've featured, but we've really enjoyed listening to this track and with it's release TODAY Wednesday 3rd August on streaming services, we're delighted to add it to our music playlists.

Find out more about LKA here:

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