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Case Conrad - new single 'Heavy Metal Bars'

We have mentioned Case Conrad relatively recently, although you would have hardly noticed, as it was in the context of the album release by Ash & Iron, with the connection between the two being drummer Petter Bengtsson. Similarly to a few bands we've featured in the last year, Case Conrad are based between 2 countries, on this occasion Spain and Sweden, and following up from their excellent release 'Leikko', a new album entitled 'A Tightrope Wish' is due for release at the end of September.

In the meantime the band have released a single, and I've played this so much over the course of the last 2 weeks. Its a beautifully constructed song, with a lovely acoustic guitar that keeps the song flowing, and a crescendo of musical ideas. You can take a listen here:

The album 'The Tightrope Wish' will be released on Stargazer Records / This Is Forte on 30th September, and we will try to write a more detailed review if we have chance. You can find out more about Case Conrad in the following places:

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