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DEBUT RELEASE! Tuvaband - double single...'Unknown / Running'

One of the greatest privileges of editing this website is receiving a submission through from an artist or band sending out their debut release, hearing a beautiful new track for the first time and being able to share it. And we're delighted to do that today with Tuvaband, who released their debut double single just yesterday The Norwegian / English duo Tuvaband consisting of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would was originally simply a one woman project, but has now developed through the addition of their 2nd member, and now through a recording collaboration with Jonas Kjølstad / At the Loft Records.

The results are really impressive and original too. We love our lo-fi sounds at NMR (23:23 being the most obvious example), but Tuvaband offer something else, with a dreamy intensity in the vocals, stripped back instrumentation and the overall sound is really captivating. The more I listen to opening track 'Unknown', the more I'm able to hear and appreciate the beautiful subtleties in the guitar and piano lines, and Tuva's voice is stunning albeit fairly melancholy. The 2nd track ' (It’s Not About) Running' has this lovely understated melody, and there's a real achievement here in creating something which sounds so complete with such a limited use of accompanying instruments.

Anyway enough telling you how good it is, please take a listen and give this chance to grow on you... :

Whether Tuvaband will be able to maintain such intensity in any longer track releases remains to be seen, but this is a gorgeous debut from the band and we look forward to updating you on their next releases.

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