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Heavy Haiku - new single 'Sato ja paisto' (and a Stillwalkers update...)

We don't claim to be experts on anything here at Nordic Music Review, but the 2 things we probably have least knowledge on are Hip Hop and the Finnish Language. But whilst the new single by Finnish rapper 'Heavy Haiku' may be way out of our normal comfort zone, we just really liked the sound, and thought it worthy of a mention here.

The single has been released ahead of 'Heavy Haiku's' new album, which is due soon, and the whole project has been produced by guitarist / vocalist Marko from the band 'The Stillwalkers' - responsible for our 2015 Album of the Year. The single subtly infuses some interesting rock sounds, which I think works really well, and here's the video for you to watch right here:

Anyway we're also delighted to tell you that our favourite Turku based Indie Rock band will be back before Christmas with a much awaited EP, and in the meantime don't forget their self titled album 'The Stillwalkers' is still splendidly good, and available in lots of different places:

Heavy Haiku

The Stillwalkers

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