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Select Captain - new single '40 Nights (ft Mathilde Falch)'

We've regularly followed the progress of Select Captain and the songwriting of Kristian Gaarskjær from Denmark since their 'Pure Neon' EP last year, and we're delighted therefore to give you a quick update on his brand new single entitled '40 Nights'. The single has been released ahead of a new album called 'Strings and Feathers' which is due on the 14th October (through Mint Me Records), it features fellow Danish singer Mathilde Falch and as expected it is a really nice track which bodes well ahead of the album launch.

The thing that I like most about Select Captain's releases is that Kristian Gaarskjær has this lovely natural songwriting style, which makes all his songs genuinely easy to get to like and listen to. '40 Nights' is a great example, opening with some familiar Americana style influences, it broadens into a lovely indie folk pop style track with instrumentation that reminds me (in a good way...) of Travis, and underpinning it all is Gaarskjær's distinct and effortless voice.

Anyway, you can listen to '40 Nights' here:

We're really looking forward to 'Strings and Feathers' on the 14th October, and despite a whole range of releases expected around then, we'll do our best to review it. For more information please visit their Facebook page below.

Photo of Mathilde Falch and Kristian Gaarskjær by Kasper Olsen

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