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Frithiof - new single 'Love is a Long Shot'

So finally a quick mention to our 3rd new release of the day from Sweden, and another new band to Nordic Music Review, Frithiof. Hailing from the utterly beautiful looking (and sounding) town of Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland, Frithiof play well written guitar based indie pop. Similarly to Native Martian whom we featured earlier, their songs have big tunes but have a slight melancholy edge to the vocals, courtesy of singer Frithiof Stenvall.

Listen to the new single 'Love is a Long Shot' here:

Anyway Frithiof also have a couple of other tracks you can listen to on streaming services (or preferably buy), with my favourite I think being 'Long Gone', so hopefully you can give them a listen. And you can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud too:

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