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Meadows - new single 'Moonlight'

We featured 'Meadows Ever Bleeding' last year in our 2015 feature on '5 To Watch from Sweden', and we're delighted to tell you about a brand new single, video and a forthcoming EP release too. Christoffer Wadensten is the songwriter behind the Meadows (the 'Ever Bleeding' part appears to have been dropped...) name, and we've liked all his released music to date.

'Moonlight' is another beautifully written track, opening with clever intricate guitar lines before the song broadens with instruments cleverly arranged over the top. Wadensten's soft but earthy vocals are calming and perfectly suit the lyrics. The video is good too, watch it here:

Meadows is a seasoned live performer too, and for those of you in Sweden, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands he'll be heading in your direction shortly after the EP release with about a 20 date tour. Unfortunately we missed his Nottingham gig in August whilst we were on our holidays, but hopefully he'll be back in the UK soon - we think there's lots of great venues particularly in Manchester...

'The Only Boy Awake' will be released through 'What We Call Records' on 21st October. For full tour details please visit his website:

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