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Native Martian - new single 'The Getaway'

We have 3 new singles today from bands / artists we haven't featured before, and the first one is from Sweden and Native Martian, who was previously known as Lunar Springs. I like both names, mainly on account of them passing the 'google test' (just try googling Norwegian band 'The Fjords' and you'll see the point I'm making....).

Anyway 'The Getaway' is a really good single, upbeat Indie Post Pop, with big tunes and bright instrumentation but underneath the colourful exterior the vocals and lyrics have a lugubrious edge, as the track tells of the end of the summer paradise, maybe appropriate for this time of year.

The track is well worth adding to your latest new music playlists, and look out for future releases from Native Martian, the creation of Swedish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Calle Rydberg. Check out the Facebook page for more info:

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