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Black Dog Howl - new video and single 'Swamp Glow'

We seem to have featured so many bands and artists new to Nordic Music Review (and probably new to a UK audience too) in the last 2 weeks, but I think we should just do one more before we hide away and write up those 4 Album reviews that are now waiting our attention. 'Black Dog Howl' are a Danish duo comprising of Mazdak Khosravi (Songwriter, vocals and guitar) and Signe Rosendal (Arranger, Drummer and Vocals), and their material is a lovely contrast to the beautiful soft sounds of our previous new artist Rebecka Boden - this is darker and as expected from a duo, more lo-fi and stripped back in use of instruments.

The release of the single 'Swamp Glow' follows two EP's from Black Dog Howl, who have made their name touring everywhere from festivals to small venues across Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and their music juxtaposes the dark gothic vocals of Khosravi and the brighter sound of Rosendal's voice. 'Swamp Glow' is a great demonstration of this, but actually the strength of the song is in the songwriting, with an 'easy to listen to' melody which sits naturally above the minimalist guitar and drums from both musicians.

The video is excellent, and made by the Canadian cinematographer 'Kristopher Paterson' - we've included a link to his website at the bottom, because some of his work is stunning:

Anyway we're delighted to introduce you to Black Dog Howl, and please try and take a listen to their previous EP's, I've been listening to 'Autumn Belles & Bourbon Souls' this afternoon and it is so individual sounding. We look forward to writing about future material, and I think this band would make a great impression live, in case any forward thinking UK gig promoter is reading this...

Keep in touch with their progress on Facebook.

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