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Introducing..... Shikoswe

There's clearly not a shortage of bright, talented Nordic singer songwriter types continuing to make their presence known, so it takes something pretty special to capture our attention. Shikoswe has just 2 songs released officially up to this point, and both are outstanding. Shikoswe is based in Bergen, Norway, home to some of our favourite Artists and her debut EP isn't due until November - we came across her after spotting she'd played at one of the excellent Sofar Sounds events recently, a great place for real musicians to perform in an intimate environment.

Out of the 2 tracks released so far, 'This Here' stands out, for a few reasons. Firstly it is a beautifully written song, with a simple but sumptuous piano opening, and Shikoswe's vocals are pure with just a hint of fragility to them. The songwriting arrangements are generally sparse which gives extra attention to the individual styled vocals, as well as the lyrics too. They are impressive debuts, and you can listen to 'This Here' below:

Anyway we're delighted to tell you that her debut EP 'The Hour Of The Body' will be released on November 4th, and I'm sure that will generate further interest - I think the style of her music will be well received internationally. We will try and do a short update when the EP is released, and hopefully by then there may be some live dates to tell you about too. In the meantime please check her Soundcloud and Facebook pages for more info:

Shikoswe photo by Christine Arctander

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