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Delay Trees - new single / video 'Brightest Eyes'

It seems strange to be officially writing about the Delay Trees for the first time as we head towards our 2nd birthday, but we have referenced them a number of times, predominantly in reference to 23:23, the solo project of Delays Trees front man Rami Vierula. This is their 1st release since early 2014 (hence why we've never covered them before) when they released their excellent 'Readymade' album. This is a band I have a really high regard for, and ever since Vierula announced that he was putting his 23:23 work on hold for a while, I've been looking forward to a Delay Trees release.

The new single 'Brightest Eyes' is a lovely track with flowing melodic indie guitar wooziness, which is so easy on the ear and has the most natural sounding melody, if slightly melancholy, as we should expect from the Delay Trees. This is beautifully written music, and you just need to take a listen and watch here:

The new Delay Trees album 'Let Go' will be released in 2017, which I guess is a pretty good reason for us to carry on writing for at least one more year. In the meantime I really recommend their previous releases which includes 3 Albums and 2 EP's, most of which are still available on streaming services. I couldn't see 'Brightest Eyes' on Itunes yet but I'll post a link when I spot where we can buy it.

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