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Joe & The Anchor - new video and track 'Sin Against Sins'

Whilst I think some more about the two other half drafted Album Reviews (Wesen and Agnes Obel coming soon honest...). here is the most gorgeous video and song by Swedish band Joe & The Anchor'. This is a band we haven't featured before, but older material I've found on streaming services sounds good, and with influences such as The National and Nick Drake it is likely they would be well received in the UK. They also have an album imminent and we'll certainly be giving that a listen and reviewing it if we like it enough.

Their pre album release single is called 'Sin Against Sins' and we've been told it is the most ballad like track of the album. And it is certainly a pretty fine ballad too, with an extraordinary video to go alongside it, choreographed and performed by Oliver Paulson with Vendela Ekman. The track itself is well worth adding to your latest new music playlists for the week, with a beautiful piano accompaniment and real intensity as the song builds. Watch it here:

The album King of Sins by Joe & The Anchor is released on 3rd November and if you're in Malmo you can see them at Babel Malmö on Saturday 5th November.

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