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She's A Sailor - 'Back From The Sky' EP

We featured 'She's A Sailor' in the first month of Nordic Music Review (I guess on Day 14, given they were New Band of the Day No 14), and every now and then we have a sneaky peak at their Facebook thing to see what they're up to. So we were delighted to spot that their debut EP had finally arrived, it's called 'Back from the Sky', and the Danish band have delivered a lovely set of tracks that will brighten the darkening evenings.

The EP features two new brand tracks and two we'd heard previously, and all four are classically written indie pop tunes, with a concentration on those big melodies, supported by a variety of instruments including luscious strings and the occasional trumpet. Title track 'Back From The Sky' is upbeat in tempo, with a hint of melancholy in the vocals, but as always with 'She's A Sailor' the strength is in the melodies, although the subtle trumpet and strings are used to good effect too. I love the second track 'Rain and Circus', opening with a beautiful piano line, a typically lush series of tunes and the most gorgeous cello contribution - this track is the highlight of the EP for me, even if it almost has too many ideas for my brain to comprehend. The live version of 'What's It About' demonstrates the natural musicality and skill in the vocals and piano, whilst 'Beautiful' is now an old favourite of mine, with a 'timeless' melody and a big chorus and string embellishment to finish.

With 'Keanesque' melodies and Divine Comedy style musical instrumentation, She's A Sailor have delivered a complete EP in 'Back From The Sky' which demonstrates perfectly why this band have so much gong for them. OK, so I know for some of you who like your fuzzy distorted guitars and post punk spikiness this won't appeal to you. But for me there is a natural clarity in the songwriting and vocals that need to be appreciated, the songs are packed full of ideas and melodies, whilst the strings and brass add depth and texture to the arrangements. 'Back From The Sky' is a completely delightful release to warm you on the cold nights.

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