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Nils Martin - new single 'You Shine A Light On Me'

There's so many things I want to say this morning, but thankfully there is still music in the world and today we have a release from none other than Nils Martin, Norwegian singer songwriter who's progress we have followed closely since he played at a Nordic Music Review gig last year. Nils originates from Alta in Norway, which is really far North (and now that we're in November really dark...), and that appears to be reflected in 'You Shine A Light On Me'.

Just a couple of weeks ago we featured Asmodean, the progressive metal band which he plays guitar in, and as expected his solo release is very different. I love the churning slightly gritty guitar which accompanies the track throughout, and the lyrics work really well too. I think it is a really positive step forward for him, because not only does the track feel well written and polished, but he has still been able to maintain that individualism we witnessed when we watched him.

Take a listen to 'You Shine A Light On Me' here:

Anyway we will continue to follow Nils Martin in his solo exploits, and hope to tell you about some future gigs at some point too.

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