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Shikoswe - 'The Hour of the Body' EP

We don't want to write too much more on Norwegian singer songwriter Shikoswe as it is just a month ago that we wrote an 'Introducing...' feature on her, in advance of her debut EP. But that debut EP 'The Hour of the Body' is now here, and it definitely lives up to the high expectations that we had of an artist who combines beautiful songwriting with a lovely distinct voice.

There are 6 tracks on the EP, so firstly this does feel like a really solid debut, and not only is there a consistent strength in the tracks from start to finish, but there is variety in the style too - from the stripped back opening of 'Funerals' which gradually builds in intensity, to the beautiful rhythms and fuller instrumentation in 'Disappearing Act', which is my favourite of the new tracks on the EP which I hadn't heard previously.

As we said in our original introduction, there is a pureness and delicacy in her voice that we really like, and the songwriting feels complete and well developed, with really effective use of all instruments. So I'd really recommend you all give this EP a serious listen, and I have no doubt that we'll be hearing much much more on Shikoswe over the next 12 months as her reputation also grows as a live performer.

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