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Kalandra - new single 'What Do You Know About Love'

As regular readers know we've followed the progress of Norwegian folk rock influenced Kalandra for the last 2 years and they are finally get close to a formal debut EP launch, which is particularly great news. Everyone involved with Nordic Music Review are in agreement on their talents, and we have all been looking forward to new material.

Anyway their debut EP will be entitled 'Beneath The Breaking Waves' and ahead of that we're delighted to be able to let you listen to 'What Do You Know About Love', their single released yesterday. It is a beautifully written and effortlessly delivered ballad, with a slightly dark feel to the opening, whilst still in the Kalandra style with the track building in intensity as it develops and lovely vocals as always from Katrine Stenbekk.

Listen to it here:

We don't have a release date yet for 'Beneath the Breaking Waves', but we promise to write about it as soon as it is released. For those of you in Oslo Kalandra play at the Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret on November 18th, and if they return to the UK for any more gigs we will let you know.

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