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Bob Hund - 'Dödliga klassiker'

I wanted to give a very quick mention to Bob Hund and their excellent album Dödliga klassiker, which other than a pre album release mention by the always excellent Nordic Playlist, hasn't to my knowledge received any coverage in English written websites or magazines. The fact that the album is sung in Swedish is probably the reason for this, but that is a shame, because it is a brilliantly written album, with a lovely mix of Indie Rock and quirky instrumentation, and plenty of catchy sing-a-long moments too.

For those of you that don't know Bob Hund, they've been releasing material since 1993, with countless albums and a great live reputation built over all their years of touring. To link them to previous NMR reviews and features, their drummer is now Christian Gabel, the man behind the wonderful '1900' release, and I think he produced the 'Star of Heaven' album we quite liked too.

Anyway highlights of the album include 'Underklassens clown', with a big progressive style chorus and a magnificent and slightly discordant instrumental section and I love the opening theme in 'Hjärtskärande rätt' which according to google I think translates to 'Heartbreaking Right'. But my favourite track is probably 'Blommor på brinnande fartyg' (quite possibly 'Flowers On A Burning Ship'), with a joyous anthemic chorus, which will rattle around your mind all day.

I realise that I'm missing a significant factor by not understanding the lyrics (they won a Swedish Grammy for their lyrics in 1996), but I think I understand their spirit and I like their style. Indie Rock with unexpected twists and turns, Bob Hund continue to release well written tracks which will be appreciated by a wide audience, and I now have a Bob Hund T-Shirt on my Christmas wish list from Santa Claus too....

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