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Giant Giant - 'I Didn't Know' video

We've done pretty well with a series of Album Reviews in the last week, so we thought it would be good to squeeze in a video and new version of a track from one of our favourite albums of this year, the self titled album by 'Giant Giant'.

For those of you who never saw that review, well Giant Giant are a 3 piece band from Helsinki who write indie rock with melodies and raw guitars, and we loved the album they released in February - reminding us in some ways of the much missed British band 'Hope of the States'. Tracks such as 'Skylab' and 'All You Need is More' particularly stood out, and it was well received by a few of the NMR 'helpers' too.

Anyway they've just released a really good Acoustic version of the final track of that album, 'I Didn't Know', and a video to go with it. Somewhat inevitably they've headed to a forest to do it, and it's a simple neat concept too, which you can watch for yourself here:

Anyway Giant Giant are a band who really do seriously deserve more recognition, so please take a look at the video, and have a listen to the album if you haven't done already. If we hear of any more gigs from the band we'll share the details on Twitter and try and get some of our Helsinki followers along too.

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