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Havenaire - 'Monsters' visual film from 'Tremolo' album

One release which has been happily sitting on our listening playlist for a few weeks now is from Electronic Experimental Composer John Roger Olsson who releases music as 'Havenaire'. His debut album 'Tremolo' was released earlier this year, and now a series of short visual films have been created by Magnus Dahlbäck, and I think they work really well.

Havenaire's music is ambient, created with precision and care, a complex mix of delicate textures, darkness and light but where there are no extremes of either. It is music you can get utterly lost in, and the visuals from Dahlbäck therefore seem to work perfectly. He created the films by dropping an underwater camera to the bottom of Lake Flaten, near Stockholm, and used just one take for each film.

This is 'Monsters', which I think works particularly well:

Olsson has also co-scored the music for a Canadian movie entitled 'On the Horizon', and is currently working on the score of Swedish horror film. 'Tremolo' (released on cassette by the Constellation Tatsu label) is recommended if you like electronic composition, and we hope you enjoy the visuals too - you can find more on the Havenaire Facebook page.

There's also an excellent interview with John Roger Olsson on the Experimental music site 'Sounds Of A Tired City', the link for which is below.

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