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New Artist - Jarle Skavhellen

After covering a couple of Artists that we've featured before on Nordic Music Review, we're delighted to introduce you to a new name, even if the Singer-Songwriter has been performing for many years with other bands. Jarle Skavhellen is from Bergen in Norway, and he has released 2 impressive and interesting debut solo tracks, whilst also demonstrating a really distinct style, which we think many of you will like.

Jarle's music is clearly shaped by some really traditional folk and country artists, he happily names both Chet Atkins and Dave Van Ronk as his influences, but the key here is that his vocals seem so naturally suited to this style of music. Opening track 'Ghost In Your Smile' starts with the most delicate of guitar lines, which throws even more emphasis onto the vocals, and there is a classic and timeless quality to the way they are delivered - and the switch to the higher tempo sections work really well too. I particularly like 'Seventeen', with a lilting catchy tune that will stay in your head, and lyrics which seem to come from another era - aside from the unexpected expletive thrown in for good measure.

You can listen to both tracks here:

We will always have time for artists who are able to deliver good songs and vocals with a simple acoustic guitar, and Jarle Skavhellen has already demonstrated in these 2 tracks he is a talented and musical songwriter, with a strong individual voice. Please check out his website and Facebook page, and we look forward to bringing you further updates on his next plans.

Notes: Ghost in your Smile and Seventeen are released through Mors Kjeller Records, and were produced by Tyler Johnson

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