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Holy Now - 'Wishlist' single

We featured Swedish band 'Holy Now' at the start of April, when they released their debut single 'Wake Up', but haven't followed up on them since, and their latest single 'Wishlist' is particularly good. The band will be releasing a new EP on Lazy Octopus records in February 2017, which follows on from their successful 'Sorry I Messed Up' in May this year.

I like 'Wishlist' right from the start with a crescendo of drumming and a wall of guitar sound, and it's very much in the mould of their earlier releases, offbeat warped indie pop with catchy melodies. We think you will like it.

We will make sure we write about that new EP, which will be entitled 'Please Call Me Back' in February, and which is already looking like an increasingly busy month for us at Nordic Music Review.

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