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Strange Hellos - 'We Are Trouble' single

This is without question my favourite track of the last few weeks, it's the utterly brilliant single from Norwegian band 'Strange Hellos'. It is the 3rd single from the Norwegian band who've released 'Summer' and 'Broken Teenage Heart' over the last few months, and its definitely the best yet from a band who are likely to make a big impact in 2017 with appearances due at By:larm and Trondheim Calling, as well as a debut album.

'We Are Trouble' is a blistering 3 minute fusion of power pop and shoegaze, and they're the second Norwegian band (the other being Pyke) to recently remind me in their sound of UK band Lush. This is just such a catchy track, with a real energy - great melodies, vocals, guitars and pretty much everything..... take a listen here:

I actually don't think it gets a lot better than this, and we're all now really looking forward to the Strange Hellos debut album next year. In the meantime check out their Facebook and Soundcloud page:

Strange Hellos photo by: Øystein Grutle Haara

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