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Introducing.... 'White Jackets' with debut single 'Circle'

After featuring 'Is This Really Me' and 'Whale and the Village', we're staying in Finland for a new band who released their debut single last week, but already have an album recorded and due to be released in just a couple of months time. 'White Jackets' come from Vaajakoski and whilst they may not pass our 'Googlability' test for new band names (unsurprisingly the search just comes up with pictures of 'White Jackets'...), their single 'Circle' certainly has made an impression.

The strength of this track is in the simple melodic writing, which has a laid back feel you can just enjoy for the warmth of the dreamy tune. In particular I like the arrangements, the subtle use of additional instruments such as a French Horn and others that I'm less familiar with. The overall result of this is a comforting and chilled indie sound which is easy to like. And you can watch their video here:

The duo behind 'White Jackets' have recorded and produced the track themselves, and it is released through the small Finnish indie label 'Pinetree Records'. Live dates are expected in Finland this Spring.

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