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Bellman - new single 'Can You Feel It'

Just a quick mention to the outstanding new single from 'Bellman' which has reached us this week, ahead of his brand new album Morphology which is released on Friday 27th January. We haven't had the opportunity to feature Bellman up until now, as his last album release was back in 2013, but all his albums are definitely worth listening to, if by any chance you haven't come across him before.

The new single is entitled 'Can You Feel It' and it is a beautifully serene track, shoegaze influenced with an edge to it, and the added electronica never overly dominates the track. The gentle weaving melody and dreamy vocals are both beautiful to listen to, and we are are really excited now about the album release in just over a weeks time, which has been written in collaboration with guitarist and producer-friend Jonas Rohde-Moe.

You can listen to 'Can You Feel It here:

Bellman has toured extensively over the last few years, and did make it to the UK back in 2012 for a tour, so it would be great if he could make it back here 5 years on. If we hear of any dates we'll certainly let everyone know, and will also try and do a full album review soon too.

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