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New Band - 'Toy Savoy' with single 'Morning'

Covering Herman Wildhagen earlier this week reminded us that we hadn't yet gone through the 'Trondheim Calling' festival showcase listings to see if there were any bands or artists we should be writing about. Immediately the name 'Toy Savoy came up, and given that I'd come across their name a couple of times on gig listings I thought they were worthy of a Nordic Music Review mention.

Toy Savoy are Trondheim based and have been active for a couple of years, with some interesting live appearances (they supported the excellent Gold Celeste at one point last year, which maybe is where I first spotted the name), and their music is a curiously pleasant mix of dream pop with a hint of some bigger post rock sounds.

They have a couple of tracks available on Soundcloud, and the pick of the tracks is 'Morning', opening with a bubbling harp type effect and guitar, before the most delicious vocal melody is layered on and the track builds to a big climax - I like this aspect in particular, as it adds a real intensity to their sound which bodes well for future releases.

This is their latest track 'Morning':

Anyway after their Trondheim Calling appearance a few weeks back, I'm sure that Toy Savoy will be doing more live work in the near future, so feel free to follow them on Facebook or Soundcloud, and they might even Tweet something later if we're lucky.

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