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kathinka - debut single 'Peace and Love'

We've obviously mentioned a few artists who appeared at the by:Larm festival showcase in Oslo last week, but one band who appeared back in 2010, but then went into a hiatus were Bergen based 'kathinka' - not to confused with Danish outfit Katinka, who did play at by:larm this year. Seven years on the band are back recording, and not only do they have a debut single and video 'Peace and Love', but they have an album on the way too. We're delighted to introduce you to their music.

We liked 'Peace and Love' as soon as we heard it, but our interest in this band became even greater when I looked at the credentials of kathinka's band members, who've performed with a list of bands previously mentioned in Nordic Music Review - Great News, Young Dreams, AURORA and the particularly excellent Megaphonic Thrift. And lead vocalist Annette Kathinka Servan goes into Official Nordic Music Review Folklore, as she was the guest vocalist on Major Parkinson's Twilight Cinema (yes, that haunting opening to 'Black River' was her...), and she even performed in that Live At Ricks show.

Anyway enough of other groups, you'll be delighted to know that kathinka have their own sound, even if they are most definitely an Indie Guitar band. 'Peace and Love' opens with 90's gothic influenced guitars, before Annette Kathinka Servan's distinct vocals kick in, and its clear she has a voice made for indie bands like this. The track has a big chorus, I love the guitars throughout, and the whole thing works really well. The dark broody video is a simple enough concept, but a good compliment to the song too.

You can watch 'Peace and Love' here:

The single has already got some interest, appearing in new Spotify playlists, and getting some music blog exposure, so I really hope kathinka can get some momentum. I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more material.

If you're in Bergen they play a gig on the 31st March, for more information please visit their Facebook page.

Artwork for 'Peace and Love' by Annette Kathinka Servan

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