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Tuvaband - new single 'Everything we do is Wrong'

One of our favourite 'New Band' introductions last year was for 'Tuvaband', the Norwegian / British duo consisting of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would. They'd released a double single 'Unknown' / '(It's Not About) Running', and we all loved it. You can obviously still find both tracks on all the major streaming services.

Well the good news is that they're back, and the even better news for 'Tuvaband' is that they're starting to create a stir, with some impressive festival appearances (recently by:Larm and next week at SXSW), BBC Radio 1 airplay and some good write-ups on the bigger music websites.

'Everything we do is Wrong' is in the same style as their debut singles, stripped back lo-fi dreamy sounds which don't seem to fit into a defined song structure, although this time piano takes the central accompanying role in the opening of the track, and the vocals feel even more fragile than we heard previously. I find the combination of the music and vocals pretty mesmerizing, and it is a partnership that obviously just works so well. The only frustration is that I'm left wanting so much more, although I guess we now have 3 tracks released, and each of these offers additional subtle and beautiful nuances every time I listen.

Anyway, you can listen to the new track here:

I have so much time for Tuvaband, who seem to write organic music from so deep inside themselves, and I'm hoping to that with their UK connections we might even get the opportunity of a UK gig sometime. Well, in Manchester, to be really specific.

We will definitely keep you all posted as soon as there are further releases, in the meantime I'd really recommend you put all 3 of their tracks back to back on a playlist and totally immerse yourself in their stunning music.

Or even better buy the new single at

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