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Introducing.... 'The Age of Colored Lizards', with single 'Pale White Sun'

We've almost overdosed on new Norwegian music in the last week, but I guess there's always time to quickly present one more band to you, although I must admit that the name 'The Age of Colored Lizards' was new to me when I was introduced to them earlier this week - and, after all, I'd have definitely remembered the name.

The Age of Colored Lizards are an Oslo based band, and they fit firmly in the midst of the Shoegaze / Noise Pop genre of music, with some psychedelic influences too. 'Pale White Sun' launches straight into a dreamy melody accompanied by distorted hazy guitars, and it's a track that I like. There are plenty of references from the early 90's bands that I listened to so much in my youth, although this is no nostalgia trip, there is a huge following in interesting music like this.

Take a listen here:

'The Age of Colored Lizards plan an EP releases later this year, and Pale White Sun' is released through the small Norwegian underground label Sotron records, and we look forward to featuring more releases through them in the future.

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