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Sturle Dagsland - with new video 'Nzinga'

There is a danger of us becoming Norwegian Music Review, after a stream of new artist introductions and updates from Norway, but by:Larm and Trondheim Calling have partly contributed to this, so we'll have plenty of opportunity to balance things up later in the year. Anyway, we'll drop in one more Norwegian release before getting to grips with a few album reviews that really need some attention, and that covers the utterly extraordinary 'Sturle Dagsland'

We're particularly grateful for a mail pointing us in the direction of Sturle Dagsland, a band I'd come across, but hadn't really given a detailed listen - sometimes just too much music flashes by me to truly appreciate everything. They are the creation of brothers Sturle & Sjur Dagsland (additional musicians join them live) and their music is an extraordinary mix of extraordinary sounds. It's actually probably not right for me to even try and describe it, because immediately by doing so, I feel I'll be either applying them to a specific genre, or inadvertently comparing them to another band. There is no comparison to be made. There is Sturle Dagsland.

Anyway they have a new video out to a track 'Nzinga', which was described to me as 'mesmerizing', and if truth be told I can't describe it any better. You will find yourself totally hypnotized by the movements in the video, just watch. Please.

I've been delighted for us to be able to write about a lot of different styles of music, and wonderful bands who are different to the norm, such as Svankropp. But Sturle Dagsland simply make Svankropp look like Mumford and Sons.

Clearly these guys are favourites at some diverse music festivals around the world, and they're another band heading for SXSW this week. And I really have no doubt we'll be exploring their music in far more depth in the future.

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