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March Catch Up!

I guess if there's one release from March we'd recommend more than anything, it has to be Delay Trees and their flawless indie pop album 'Let Go'. But as always we've been listening to so much more, so here's a round up of other music that we've been listening to this month:

Lowly - 'Heba' (Album)

It is fairly criminal that we didn't get around to writing in detail about the Lowly album 'Heba since it's release in February, but in fairness it did get a fair amount of coverage elsewhere, so you hopefully have come across it already. The Danish band's debut album was much anticipated, and it is packed full of strong tracks, straight from the opener 'Still Life'. I love the vocals, and so many little details (the drumming is a great example), and it is an album that has grown and grown on me.

Captain Kill - 'Born in the Heavy' (Album)

If the Delay Trees has a few too many jangly guitars for your liking, try this solid release from Norwegian band 'Captain Kill'. They are a 3 piece band from Hønefoss, and the strength of this album is definitely the blistering and intense guitars that carry epic tracks (of up to 9 minutes 30) through. My favourite track is probably 'Far'.

Mia Marion - 'What We've Become' (EP)

To contrast with the full on guitars of Captain Kill, Mia Marion from Denmark has released an intelligently written and delicate alternative folk EP, which has some really nice touches and instrumentation. I particularly like the strings in 'Anchors 'Aweigh', whilst 'What We've Become' is a sensitively written track, that showcases in particular Mia Marions beautiful voice, with a subtle piano and occasional trombone accompaniment.

Jonas and I (featuring Marco Hietala') - 'Savo's Song' (Single)

Something slightly unusual for your playlists, this is a new version of a Finnish regional anthem, originally entitled 'Savolaisen laulu' and now called 'Savo's Song' on this new version. Re-written (and translated into English) by Finnish Folk Pop band 'Jonas and I', it also features the vocals of Marco Hietala from Nightwish / Tarot. I really like this track, and the video too is powerful and very beautiful too. For more details on everyone involved in the video visit and

Jess Morgan - 'Edison Gloriette' (Album)

OK so Jess Morgan isn't strictly Nordic, but we wanted to give her a mention for a couple of reasons. Her album was recorded just outside Bergen (home obviously to some our favourite musicians) and produced / engineered by Norwegian duo HP Gundersen and Daniel Birkeland, but we also know some of our Nordic readers might not get to hear some of the best of UK Folk music, and we really love this Jess Morgan album. She is a real storyteller in the best of folk traditions, and Edison Gloriette is a really complete album, we hope you all like it.

Liminal Rift - Atlantic Confessions (EP)

Ok so here's something a bit different, and whilst there is no doubt that 'Liminal Rift's' EP 'Atlantic Confessions takes a bit of adjusting to, I've grown to like their unusual style which takes influences from many genres. The band comprise U.S., German and Swedish band members, the vocals are striking and poetic, whilst the overall sound is carefully constructed, with so much to listen to in the detail. 'Stuck' is an obvious stand out track, but I also like 'Never Again', partly for the apparent use of a slightly warped atonal violin.

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